Meet the Crew


Mia Loves to lounge in the couch and enjoy the view 


Luke Loves to bark at anything and everything that comes his way 

Scout & Jordy

Scout and his pal Jordy love to hang out and lounge around the house 


Theo just want to hang out and follow the crew 


Charlotte likes her "me" time 


Selah enjoys the company of the crew and makes sure she's right where the action is 

About Theo

Theo is a pitbull who has a cerebellar deformity that prevents him from walking or standing on his own, but this obstacle is only a stepping stone... 

Current Treatment

Currently Theo's Thyroid levels are not doing so good, he required a monthly blood test to make sure he levels are good along with medications.

His legs are having inflammatory issues and that comes with a lot of pain 

To keep him pain free Theo is been treated with pain and anti - inflammatory medications.

We Love him so much and we will do anything for him to keep him happy and healthy